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A forum for the modern age

A baby tree sapling about a foot tall

Ideas, big or small, always start with people in mind.

A young growing tree about 5ft tall

Projects, products and  people oriented ideas  grow into communities.

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Collaboration occurs best when the platform flows with everyone.

Why Storyden

Storyden is a platform for building communities.

But not just another chat app or another forum site. Storyden is a modern take on oldschool bulletin board forums you may remember from the earlier days of the internet.

With a fresh perspective and new objectives, Storyden is designed to be the community platform for the next era of internet culture.


Accessibility is non-negotiable and no one can be left behind. WAI and WCAG are a primary focus to ensure great experience for people regardless of a disability.


The latest and greatest industry standard security practices as well as new emerging systems such as WebAuthn guarantee the most secure experience for everyone.


Love it or hate it, it’s here and it’s staying. So we embrace the new web and provide features such as wallet based login, NFT avatars and more for web3 communities.

Open source

The benefits of open source software are impossible to ignore. When it comes to the security, development velocity, and ability to report issues, this is the way forward.


A fully documented OpenAPI schema means that you can extend the platform with plugins or even build a whole new frontend from scratch if you want to!

Built to last

Harnessing the power of technology that’s just-modern-enough helps balance stability with longevity. Storyden uses a carefully chosen toolbox with this in mind.

For community leaders

Fearless futurism, radical accessibility, endless extensibility. Every modern service, product and movement has community at the centre. Communities often grow out of their humble beginnings on walled-garden platforms. In an era of growing awareness of personal privacy, tech monopoly and decentralisation, communities of all sizes are affected.

Flexible by nature

Whether you operate a product support forum, a gaming community or the next big cryptocurrency, web3 or DAO project, the people at the centre of whatever you’re doing deserve a platform that fades into the background and brings what matters front & centre

Accessible by design

And by people, that means all people. A truly welcoming, inclusive and diverse community warrants a platform that takes accessibility seriously, no questions asked.

For dev-ops heroes

Simple deployment, simple maintenance and simple updates. That’s what matters when you’re self-hosting, so you can spend time where it brings the most value.

The choice of technologies behind the Storyden platform are all meticulously intentional to fit those values of simplicity in order to get out of the way.

a silly fake terminal example

Container first

Zero installation steps. Set some environment variables and spin up a container image. Behaving like all other modern server-side software is the key to simplicity.

Bring your own frontend

Not a fan of themes? That’s fine, headless mode is for you. Storyden is, at the core, a powerful API service with which you can wire up anything you want.

From web to mobile apps and everything in between, the OpenAPI specification provides a fast integration path.

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For you and your friends

Optimised for humans, ready for the web renaissance. Storyden is built to be a stable foundation for the future decades of internet citizens and the networks they build.

Rough relationship with email? Just don’t enable it then. Sign in with Passkey, WebAuthn, Web3 wallet, or choose from a variety of popular OAuth2 and SSO providers.

Staying closed source is pointless in today’s internet. Fork it, hack on it, provide hosting, use as a basis for other apps, contribute back to the community. Not sure where to start? Use Storyden to learn about building!


Storyden is early in development and is looking for feedback and contributors!

If you have opinions about forum software, please click this link!

If you're feeling social, fancy chatting with likeminded folks and want to steer Storyden's development as an early bird, please click this link!

If you know Golang or React.js and are interested in contributing to a high-quality open source project, please click this link!

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