Updates, guides and more from the Storyden team.

  • Why WebAuthn and Passkeys?


    Storyden supports Passkeys as a fundamental authentication method. This allows users to register and sign in with just their device biometrics. This article discusses the pros and cons of Passkeys and how Storyden makes use of the technology to provide a secure and privacy friendly experience.

  • The architecture of modern forum software


    How Storyden is architected for the modern web while making no compromises on compatibility, accessibility and speed for the next era of internet culture.

  • What are social bookmarks and link aggregators?


    Link aggregation is a great way to build a knowledgebase through social bookmarking. Find out how Storyden can be the Library of Alexandria for your community in this article.

  • Why build forum software?


    Why build a forum in 2023? What role do internet forums play today and what's the future of internet communities in an age of Reddit, WhatsApp and Mastodon?