When logged in as an administrator, you can access the administration settings page, denoted by a crown 👑 icon in the navigation.

Brand settings

Here you can change your community's name, this controls a few aspects of the site:

  • The browser tab title
  • If the site is installed as a Progress Web App (PWA) it will be the name of the app
  • The heading in the navigation

The Icon section allows you to upload a custom logo which is used in:

  • The favicon
  • The PWA app icon used on device home screen, taskbar and dock
  • The social share image for when the index page is shared

The description is used in the meta description tag for SEO and social share embeds.

You can read more about how these impact SEO here (opens in a new tab).

Finally, the colour wheel allows you to set an accent colour for the site. This will be used as a background tint (in light mode) as well as on buttons and other elements throughout the site.

If you want to see more settings for administrators to control, please open an issue (opens in a new tab).